Chapter 12

However, nobody picked up Emily Quest’s call. After several attempts, the phone had actually been turned off! Emily felt as if she was going mad. Why did Josh Batton choose ten million dollars over forty million dollars? Did he have something against money? Or did he have feelings for Xyla Quest? When Emily thought of this, she instantly became jealous, and her face darkened. However, Emily very quickly rejected that thought. Why would a man like him fall for Xyla Quest? There were plenty of other beautiful women in the entertainment industry. “What the hell is going on?!” Emily mumbled to herself with her fists clenched. Meanwhile, Josh Batton’s fans were viciously attacking Emily on Weibo. It was driving her insane! If she knew this was going to happen, she would not have shown off so proudly. When she recalled how she had insulted Xyla the night before, she felt extremely embarrassed. Ring. Ring. Ring. The phone next to her bed started ringing. Emily instantly picked it up. “Get your a*s down here right now!” Jeremy Quest shouted into the phone. Emily shuddered when she heard his voice. Afraid to even speak, Emily hung up and quickly changed into a set of white clothes. She knew she was in deep trouble. Within a few days, Emily had embarrassed the family on Weibo for the second time. Knowing that her dad would not forgive her, she was not keen to head downstairs. However, she knew that she would not be able to avoid the encounter for a long time. Therefore, Emily trembled as she headed downstairs. When she arrived downstairs, Xyla Quest, May Conner, and Jeremy Quest were seated side by side on the living room couch. Jeremy looked angry as he read through the news of how Emily had made a joke of herself on the internet. Meanwhile, May seemed extremely worried and lost in thought. On the other hand, Xyla appeared completely calm as she looked at her phone. With her head down, Emily approached Jeremy but dared not look him in the eyes. “Dad, why… Why did you ask me to come down?” She asked nervously. Jeremy threw the phone at Emily. “What do you think? Why do I have a daughter like you? You’re embarrassing me nearly every two to three days.” Looking at Emily right now, Jeremy felt even more annoyed at the sight of her. “They had already promised to sign the contract with me. All I did was share it on WeChat with my friends. How am I supposed to know that they would leak out the news? Also, how would I have known that Josh Batton and his company would go back on their words?” “How were you supposed to know? Aren’t you aware of how gossip spreads around? If you can’t even handle such a small matter, how am I supposed to count on you in the future? With your talkative personality, the company’s secret would be known to everyone!” Jeremy’s words made Emily and May shiver simultaneously. Neither of them thought that such a small matter could have been linked to this. “Husband, it’s all minor stuff. Why are you bringing the company up?” May Conner asked nervously as she tried to calm Jeremy down. “I am just gauging her behavior based on this incident. Moreover, she has offered an extra ten million dollars, just like that. Did she even wonder if the company is making any profit at all?” Jeremy raised his voice. After finishing his sentence, Jeremy sighed deeply as he turned to look at Emily. “At first, I was going to appoint you as the sales manager at the company’s new property development during your summer break. However, you can forget about that now. “Also, I am going to say this clearly to you now. I will never entrust you with the company. Don’t ever think about working for the company anymore. You won’t be able to contribute anyway,” Jeremy added. Emily and May immediately appeared to be in a state of disbelief and hopelessness. Everything had happened just as Xyla expected. From the beginning until now, Xyla did not interrupt the conversation. All she did was silently play with her phone. Looking at his older daughter’s quiet and dainty mannerism, and then at his younger daughter, Jeremy was beginning to find his elder daughter to be a more pleasing sight. “Xyla…” Jeremy said. “What is it, Dad?” Xyla asked gently. “I am handing the sales manager position for the new property development, which Josh Batton is endorsing to you…” Jeremy added. “Okay…” Xyla answered. “Dad! You promised me that the position was reserved for me! How could you give it to Xyla because of such a small matter? “You have even dragged the matter of who will be the company’s heir into this,” Emily added. “That’s right, darling. You can’t do this to Emily. Nobody is perfect.” “Shut up! Nobody can change my mind!” Jeremy had a determined look in his eyes. Emily and May were instantly frightened and did not dare to speak. “Dad, if there’s nothing else for me to do here, I’m heading out…” Xyla said. “Xyla, you made a bet with your little sisters previously. Now that you’ve won, what would you like her to do?” Jeremy asked. Emily’s heart immediately skipped a beat. She knew that Xyla would certainly make her suffer. After Xyla looked calmly at Emily, she smiled at Jeremy. “Forget about it…” Whatever Xyla wanted to do to Emily, Emily had already done it to herself. Therefore, Xyla did not want to go too far. “Dad, don’t you want to find out how she managed to get Josh Batton to sign the contract at such a low price? She probably used some dirty ways…” Emily said. May immediately gave Emily a look which implied that she should shut up. However, Emily did not seem to care. “Your sister has already let you off the hook. Not only are you ungrateful, but you are also even accusing her of something untrue. Go upstairs and reflect on your mistakes!” Jeremy yelled angrily. “Not everyone is as disgusting as you. All I did was tell Josh Batoon that I became acquainted with some influential friends in the fashion industry when I was overseas and could perhaps introduce those people to him in the future,” Xyla answered. “Oh, right, Dad, the contract price was eight million dollars instead of ten,” Xyla added before turning around and leaving. Although Emily Quest was keen to insult Xyla further, she did not have the courage to do so because of how upset Jeremy seemed. Instead, she rubbed her tears away in a sad way. “Take a look at your big sister and at yourself,” Jeremy said coldly before walking away. After Jeremy Quest had left, Emily Quest sat down on the couch and punched her fish into the cushion. “Eight million dollars? Is Josh Stewart mad?” May Conner immediately grabbed Emily Quest by her hand. “Don’t be angry. I will say good things on your behalf to your Dad. I believe he said those things in the heat of the moment.” “Xyla Quest is such a b*tch! Ever since she returned, I have not been able to live in peace. I won’t let this b*tch get away with it!”