Chapter 1288

“She even told me that a woman would be in a terrible mood before her period arrives, and she asked me to let you have your way… “She also said… I shouldn’t fight back if I get hit, and I mustn’t retort when I get yelled at…” Stanley Batton had a helpless look on his face. When Xyla Quest heard this, she couldn’t resist laughing. “Maybe you were adopted, and I’m her biological daughter.” “That really is possible…” Stanley laughed and said. Speaking of, Xyla only recently talked about having her period with Sharon Lindt. It was brought up casually in a conversation. She didn’t think Sharon would remember it. In fact, Sharon even reminded Stanley to prepare chicken soup for her. Xyla felt a warmth in her heart again. “Our mother is the model mother-in-law in Country Z.” “Exactly,” Stanley said. The smile on Xyla’s face gradually widened. She hugged Stanley tightly. “Honey, have you taken your medicine?” Xyla asked. “Yeah, I have,” Stanley said. “You must take it every day. Si

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