Chapter 1285

“Alright…” Jonathan Bucks nodded again respectfully. “If I can’t find a suitable replacement for my kidney and lungs within this period and rely purely on chemotherapy to keep things under control, how long can I live?” Bailey Ronson asked. “Unless you find a suitable replacement for your kidney and lungs within a month and have them transplanted simultaneously, your cancer cells might very likely spread to the rest of your body after this period… “All in all, unless you can find these two things within a month, your life can’t be saved…” Jonathan said each word carefully. Initially, he wanted to offer Bailey some words of comfort. However, when he saw how arrogant Bailey and her daughter, Mary Sullivan, were, he couldn’t even be bothered to console her. “In that case, why aren’t you searching for them yet?” Mary asked coldly. Suddenly, Mary thought of something. She immediately looked at Jonathan. “I remember a news story about a girl named Rachel Wood or something. She had lymp

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