Chapter 1283

Bailey Ronson looked at her primary doctor, Jonathan Bucks, who was the director of the nephrology department, with a pale and solemn face. “Director… Are the results of my medical checkup available?” Last night, Bailey suddenly experienced pain in her kidney and was sent to the hospital. After that, the doctors identified a lump in her kidney. However, they couldn’t be sure whether it was benign or malignant. They waited for the results nervously. Bailey constantly prayed for herself. She prayed that there was nothing wrong with her… Now, she had everything she wanted. If she really became sick, and she had to leave this world, then… Everything she had worked hard for would fall into the hands of another woman. Another woman would come into the Sullivan family and spend the money she and her husband had earned. In fact, that woman might even torture Bailey’s three children! Nearby, Mary Sullivan, Tom Sullivan, Julian Sullivan, and Tony Sullivan all had solemn expressions on t

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