Chapter 1281

“Let’s order our food first…” Xyla Quest said before picking up the menu. When the pretty waitress on standby saw this, she immediately walked over to them. “Goddess, you can order the food… I’m fine with anything,” Cadence Carmichael said. “Do you like spicy food?” Xyla asked as she flipped through the menu. “Yeah, I do. I like it a lot…” Cadence said. Truthfully, he didn’t like eating spicy food. However, he knew that Xyla did. Most of the dishes Xyla shared on Weibo were spicy. Hence, he was willing to compromise for Xyla. “Is there anything you’re allergic to? Or anything you don’t like to eat?” Xyla asked. Cadence immediately shook his head. Soon, Xyla began to order… After the orders were made, Xyla looked at Cadence. “I’ve seen your videos. You’re really talented…” Xyla said. Cadence scratched his head shyly. “Actually, I’m just alright…” “You’re very humble… Do you have any plans for your future? For example, in which direction you would like to grow,” Xyla asked.

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