Chapter 1267

“To exact revenge on that man, she used magic to flip the high-speed rail over… There are many more incidents like this in our country… “To be honest, a lot of the incidents you’ve seen were caused by reasons as such… I didn’t know about this either. I only found out from a resentful spirit when I started helping resentful spirits to reincarnate,” Yaksha said each word carefully as he told Xyla Quest and Stanley the stories related to himself. By the end of the stories, Xyla and Stanley both felt goosebumps all over. “For every resentful spirit I help to reincarnate, a catastrophe could be avoided in the human world… I think it is more meaningful this way,” Yaksha added. Xyla nodded gently… “In that case… Do you reckon that my husband and I can’t start cultivating for the same reason? Was it because the two of us did too many terrible deeds in our past lives?” Xyla asked. “Yes… Both of you were indebted in your past lives. If you want to cultivate, you must first pay off your kar

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