Chapter 1264

On the way, Xyla Quest saw many familiar faces. However, she didn’t see the scarred bald man that had troubled her and Stanley Batton the most the other day. That man left a deep impression on Xyla. That was because she and Stanley had nearly lost their lives to him. Yaksha led them respectfully into the living room. A pot of tea had been brewed and left on a burgundy, rosewood, national-style coffee table. The teapot was transparent, and there was seemingly bitter, light green tea in it. After walking up to the coffee table, the three of them sat down. This time, Yaksha sat on his own on the single sofa. Meanwhile, Xyla and Stanley sat next to each other on the long sofa. As soon as Yaksha sat down, he picked up the teapot and poured each of them a cup of bitter-looking tea. The light scent of tea filled their nostrils. It had a calming effect. “Have some of this bitter tea. It’ll cool you down, and it’s good for your body…” Yaksha slowly picked up the cup of bitter tea in

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