Chapter 1258

Xyla Quest was shocked by what Yaksha said. Did such a thing exist? Did that mean Stanley Batton also had an empty spiritual root? Was his body also suitable for cultivation? However, after being stunned for a moment, Xyla began to feel afraid in hindsight. She didn’t dare to imagine what would’ve happened to Stanley if he didn’t possess an empty spiritual root and still slept next to her every day. Would he have already died? Or would he have fallen terribly ill? Thankfully, god had also blessed him with an empty spiritual root… “Not only do people with empty spiritual roots cultivate faster than ordinary people, but they can also use some methods of cultivation that are not available to ordinary people… “For example, one can have sex with people without spiritual roots to absorb their Chi energy and enhance their spiritual energy. “Some evil-minded people would choose an extremist path like this…” Yaksha said carefully. “We would never do that…” Xyla said confidently. “I

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