Chapter 1243

Although Mary Sullivan didn’t want to think like this, her mother’s condition really did look exactly like what happened years ago when she was sick… “Shut your filthy mouth!” Tony Sullivan yelled coldly. He didn’t believe Bailey would be unlucky enough to get the same illness after her kidney had been replaced. “Hmm… I hope not… I hope that good people get good karma…” Mary closed her eyes and helplessly prayed. When the young male driver heard this, he couldn’t help but think to himself. ‘Good people get good karma? I think it’s more like b*tches deserve the karma they get, right?’ He didn’t understand where Mary got her confidence. How could she think that her mother was a good person? If Bailey Ronson were a good person, why would she tolerate Tom Sullivan’s cheating? Why would she even influence Tom to break up with Xyla Quest? Seeing Bailey like this, the driver simply felt delighted. In fact, he wanted to say something to them. ‘Kind people will get good blessings, while

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