Chapter 1237

The necklace in the picture was hung on a black necklace display stand. The chain was made of a very thin platinum clavicle chain. A tassel pendant made of sapphire dangled below the chain… In the lowest part of the tassel pendant, sapphire stars and a moon dangled. Even with the low-profile appearance, there was luxury and freshness… In the lower-right corner of the display stand was a white card with a series of English words written on it. In Country Z’s language, it was translated as ‘Romance of Stars and Moon’. Tina’s signature was in the lower-right corner of Romance of Stars and Moon. Xyla Quest and Sharon Lindt were instantly stunned by how beautiful this necklace was! Xyla, especially… She was utterly shocked by Tina’s design. After that, Xyla quickly browsed through Tina’s other designs. Each of them gave her and Sharon a huge surprise. They were both very taken aback. There were a total of twenty-five pictures in the album. After going through the pictures, Xyla

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