Chapter 1235

Wasn’t this way too amazing? After looking at Sharon Lindt next to her, Xyla Quest then held Sharon’s hand tightly before turning to look at Tina. “Oh, right. Idol, this is my mother-in-law… I forgot to introduce you two earlier…” Xyla said. When Sharon heard this, she immediately extended her hand to Tina and smiled. “Nice to meet you… Tina… To be honest, I’m your fan… I really like your designs…” Tina was Sharon’s favorite designer. Back then, Sharon even offered a hefty price during a jewelry auction to purchase Tina’s work. Sharon was always curious about how this designer looked. She didn’t think she’d be fortunate enough to meet this designer one day… She was even able to have a conversation with this designer. All this was thanks to her darling daughter-in-law. Her daughter-in-law was practically the best blessing from god! Tina immediately held Sharon’s hand affectionately. “Nice to meet you… I’ve read about you on the list of hot topics… You’re the best mother-in-law

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