Chapter 1233

Fourthly, Xyla Quest didn’t like interviews. She didn’t like the trouble. After keeping a low profile for many years, it turned into a habit… Xyla started designing jewelry because of Tina… In the later stages, many of her habits were formed primarily because of Tina. This person was a significant influence in Xyla’s life as a designer. Xyla had always been curious about how Tina looked in person. In fact, Xyla’s dream was to meet her idol once in this lifetime… Now that Xyla was able to meet her idol, she was overjoyed… At that moment, Xyla was stunned. She suddenly didn’t know how to react. She felt like a fan who had bumped into her favorite idol in person. Tina chuckled. “What’s the matter, child? Do you not know who I am?” However, Xyla quickly shook her head. “No… I know who you are. You’re my idol,” she said. Tina’s eyes filled with joy. “Is that true?” Xyla nodded enthusiastically. “Yes… I really like you. To be honest, I became interested in jewelry designing beca

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