Chapter 1221

“You are on bad terms with Xyla Quest purely because of your own doing… With how you behave, I wouldn’t be nice to you if I were Xyla!” After saying that, Linda Jerome forcefully stepped on the back of Mary Sullivan’s hand with her heel. Intense pain spread through Mary’s hand, and she instantly broke into a cold sweat from the pain… Although Mary tried to struggle again, she didn’t have any energy left in her. She was petrified… She was afraid that she would die in Linda’s hands. Mary also felt very aggrieved. Back then, when the Sullivan family was powerful, even folks like the Jerome family would have to step aside. Would Linda have dared to bully Mary back then? Now that the Sullivan family was no longer powerful as it once was, everybody walked all over them. Hehe… If things were the way they were before, Mary would surely get someone to beat Linda to death if she were treated like this. But now, Mary couldn’t do anything even if Linda bullied her. If Mary did somethin

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