Chapter 1209

After that, Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton returned to their house together. After arriving home, Xyla felt exhausted. She changed into her slippers before holding Stanley’s hand and walking over to the sofa to sit down. Due to Sharon Lindt and the others’ hospitality, Xyla had eaten way too much during dinner. Now, she was feeling bloated. Naturally, she leaned against Stanley’s shoulder as she rubbed her stomach. “I’m about to explode…” Stanley chuckled. “Exactly, right? My parents were just worried that you didn’t have enough to eat.” Xyla nodded repeatedly. “Yeah… It’s true… I really love Dad and Mom so much…” These were sincere words from Xyla’s heart. She really did love everyone in the Batton family a great deal. Stanley casually extended his hand and pulled Xyla into his arms. “Yeah… I know.” Right then, twelve bodyguards dressed in black carried several boxes and entered the house… As the things were all very expensive, each of them was very careful. They even had a

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