Chapter 1204

There were all sorts of snacks on the coffee table in the living room. A huge set of sofas was filled to the brim with various boxes from major international brands. Xyla Quest was shocked. “What… What’s going on here? Did Mom purchase the entire mall and bring it home?” Stanley Batton seemed slightly surprised. “I’m not sure,” he said. In the kitchen, Sharon Lindt and Wilson Batton were both occupied… When they heard Xyla and Stanley’s voices, they immediately stopped what they were doing and walked up to Xyla and Stanley, smiling. Sharon affectionately held Xyla’s arm. “Xyla… Do you like those snacks?” she asked with a smile. With that, Sharon jutted her defined chin at the sofa area. Xyla couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Did you prepare all these for me?” Sharon chuckled. “Yeah. I saw on TikTok today that a girl’s boyfriend bought her a large box of lipsticks. She was delighted… “After that, netizens on the internet all said in the comment section that girls like th

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