Chapter 1193

“Hmm, okay.” Xyla Quest felt warmth in her heart once again. She felt like she was the most adored person in the entire Batton family. They were awfully protective of her, and they treated her very affectionately. Sometimes, Xyla even felt that her life was even more magical than children’s fairy tales. “Well then, goodbye, my dearest daughter-in-law,” Sharon Lindt said before hanging up. Xyla held her phone and logged in to Weibo to look at the stuff Sharon mentioned. Meanwhile, she looked down and started walking down the stairs… After logging into Weibo, she saw Stanley Batton and her name on the list of hot topics before she even searched for it. ‘#Stanley Batton offers Xyla Quest all of his assets#’… Xyla instantly tapped on this topic to have a look… At the very top, the name of the person Sharon mentioned, Aileen, appeared. Everything she said was exactly as Sharon described. Aileen’s Weibo post was published an hour ago. Now, the shares, likes, and comments had alread

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