Chapter 1176

Adam Shaw let out a long, helpless sigh. “I’ll have to start from the very beginning… “Our house went through reconstruction before. We were offered over three million dollars to migrate. After my parents died, they left all this money behind for me. “Back then, Shirley, who’s my girlfriend, and I were in a stable relationship. On top of that, I really loved her too much. “That’s why I gave her my card. After getting the money, she liked going to high-end places, and she liked buying Hermes purses, on top of paying off her father’s gambling debt… “Because I loved her, I allowed her to do anything she wanted. But soon, they ended up spending all my savings. “Although I was unhappy about it, I loved her too much, and I couldn’t leave her. That’s why I didn’t blame her. “After all my savings were spent, I still worked in a hospital as a doctor. Moreover, I also worked part-time as someone else’s private doctor. “Hence, we were still able to get by. Her life wasn’t significantly aff

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