Chapter 1157

When Xyla Quest smiled, her intricate face looked unusually gentle. She was fairy-like and beautiful. Knock, knock, knock— Right then, someone knocked on the door. Xyla slowly shifted her gaze to the door. There wasn’t any emotion in her eyes. “Please come in…” Soon, the door opened. A beautiful lady wearing a high-waisted skirt and a white shirt walked in… The beautiful lady had short, black hair. She also had very intricate makeup. There was a look of confidence in her eyes. This was Jeremy Quest’s assistant, Narda Verula. Narda’s capability was even more exceptional than her looks. Xyla knew this better than anyone else. All these years, with Narda by her father’s side, many impossible things were executed perfectly without fault. Everyone in the company acknowledged this person’s capabilities. Narda was the most capable woman aside from Xyla. “Ms. Verula.” Xyla smiled as she stood up and looked at Narda. Narda smiled slightly with her red lips before walking up to Xyla

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