Chapter 1152

“Dragon Group’s official page is offering lucky draw rewards for sharing Xyla Quest’s post…” Xyla Quest subconsciously looked up at Stanley Batton… After that, she carefully went through the content on her phone. This content was published on Weibo’s news channel. In the next second, she quickly tapped on Weibo to have a look. A large paragraph came into sight. “@Weibo News: A while ago, Dragon Group’s official page published a video of Xyla Quest getting her makeover as Pink Misty in the movie. They also shared that they would randomly select a hundred netizens who shared the post, and these people will be rewarded with ten thousand dollars in cash…” The post that Dragon Group published earlier on Weibo was a screenshot of the lucky draw on Weibo. In the screenshot, there was a video of her getting her makeover. There was a paragraph that came with it. “Starting now! Whoever shares and comments on this Weibo most, as well as offering Xyla a compliment, will have the opportunity

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