Chapter 1147

“Will you let me go? I really won’t dare to do it again. Just think of me as a worthless fellow and let me go,” Wilson said. “You’re on your own,” Xyla Quest said. After saying that, Xyla held Stanley Batton’s hand and directly walked down the hill. A group of bodyguards followed them closely behind. Xyla truly felt extremely disgusted with Wilson. Hence, she didn’t want to let him go. Up to this point, it was all his fault. Soon, Darren Green and the others carried their equipment and directly followed the rest of the group away. “Don’t leave, Miss, please…” Wilson looked at Xyla and the others from behind with a hopeless gaze as he shouted. However, there wasn’t response at all. The police officers around Wilson couldn’t resist laughing coldly at this sight… “Weren’t you very tough? Why don’t you keep acting tough?” “You even wanted to deal with people from the Batton family… To put it in a bad way, even if the person supporting you from behind goes against the Batton fami

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