Chapter 1143

Xyla Quest’s smile widened. “I didn’t want to go this far at first. But he insulted my country. People like him deserve to be taught a lesson.” To Xyla, she could bite her tongue on most matters. However, the one thing she couldn’t stand was other people insulting her country. “That’s right, Ms. Quest. You really are a morally upright person…” Darren Green complimented. At this moment, Darren’s impression of Xyla improved significantly. Although he’d not met many people with wealthy parents, he’d seen quite a few arrogant and domineering ones. There were also many morally corrupt ones. Xyla was one of the few people he’d seen with wealthy parents who were just and morally upright. When Wilson and the others returned to their helicopter, ten police helicopters directly stopped in front of them. However, Wilson still seemed unbothered. He had connections in this country. Ordinary people really couldn’t do anything to him. If it weren’t because of his connections, he wouldn’t dar

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