Chapter 1126

Georgie Clementine looked calmly at the night scenery beneath her feet. “How else can I feel? He’s a womanizer. We’re not compatible… I don’t want to have feelings for him…” Georgie said. Xyla Quest gently held Georgie’s hand. “Now, Henry is no longer the womanizer he was before. He’s turned over a new leaf…” Georgie chuckled again. “I wouldn’t dare believe in him…” Henry Armstrong’s visits to Georgie hadn’t decreased in recent times. To be honest, after spending so much time together, Georgie couldn’t exactly say that she had no feelings for him at all. Sometimes, she did feel moved. However, Georgie could control herself. That was because she didn’t want to fall for a womanizer like him so easily. Being in a relationship with someone like Henry was like a gamble. If she won the gamble, she’d be happy for the rest of her life. If she lost, she’d never recover from it. Georgie didn’t want to gamble. Hence, whenever she saw Henry now, she’d try her best to avoid him. When Xyla

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