Chapter 1114

Xyla Quest instantly shifted her attention to her phone. The screen showed that Darren Green had sent her ten messages. She directly tapped into the text messages, and paragraphs of texts appeared before her. Darren explained in detail some of the places where jade mines and gold mines were most abundant in Country Z and several areas he wanted to explore first, including Blue Mountain City, Ordos, and Grimville City. Finally, he talked about the salary package of their exploration team. Their entire exploration team consisted of a total of twenty people. He asked for thirty thousand dollars for himself, while the others received twenty thousand dollars a month.   After reading the messages, Xyla then responded. “No problem. If you can find good mines, you’ll receive additional bonus rewards. In the time to come, you can use your professional knowledge to look for mines… Just identify the location of the mines’ origins. Nothing else is required of you.” Now, Xyla had a pair of

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