Chapter 1111

Although a black mask covered most of Josh Batton’s face, it still couldn’t conceal the bright light that his body emanated. The way he looked was clean, fresh, and gentle. He was just like a cool breeze with a floral scent that blew at one’s face during a hot, sunny day. It was all that was needed to make someone feel at ease. Even if he wasn’t doing anything and was just sitting there silently, Xyla Quest could still spot him at one glance. Meanwhile, none of the ladies next to him noticed his top-notch existence. At this moment, everyone was staring at Xyla, who was on the stage, and the other members of Team XS… The moment their eyes met, Xyla smiled at Josh. Josh, on the other hand, gave her a thumbs up with a glimmer in his eyes. Immediately after that, the host began to ask Xyla and the other team members all sorts of questions… Meanwhile, Xyla also quickly shifted her attention back to the host, Snowy. When she looked up at Josh again, she noticed that the seat was emp

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