Chapter 1108

As the most popular players in the competition, Xyla Quest and Alex both received a special close-up feature by the broadcast director one at a time. When the fans at the scene saw their close-up feature, they all started yelling crazily… Soon, Xyla and the other members put on their professional headsets. Their headsets could completely filter out external sounds. As soon as they put those headsets on, all the screaming and shouting instantly disappeared. At this moment, Xyla felt extremely comfortable. Right after that, the battle began… On Team XS’s side, the top solo chose Kalista, the jungler chose Sett, the mid solo chose LeBlanc, and the ADC chose Aphelios, while the support chose Tahm Kench. Meanwhile, on Team K5’s side, the top solo chose Fiora, the jungler chose Nidalee, the mid solo chose Orianna, the ADC chose Ezreal, while the support chose Nautilus. Team XS’s formation was slightly weaker from the overall perspective, while their opponent’s formation seemed more s

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