Chapter 1106

“Team K5’s ADC and top solo might not even be defeated by Xyla Quest and Alex at his peak, alright?” “To be honest, although Xyla’s gameplay is excellent, she’s still not as great as Team K5’s ADC. I think Little D barely makes any mistake, right?” “As an anti-fan of Team XS, I’d like to say that Team XS will lose tomorrow. Even if Xyla is in the game, she won’t be able to rescue Alex from that state.” When Xyla Quest saw these comments, she felt annoyed. However, she didn’t reply to any of them. Instead, she silently exited from the forum… This was the reality of Esports competitions. Those who won would get all the compliments, while those who lost would be criticized… If one won in a match and performed well, others would put them on a pedestal. However, if a match was lost, people would criticize brutally… In Esports competitions, only results mattered. Right then, Michael Gabriel gave Xyla a call on the phone… Xyla instantly picked up. “What is it, Mr. Gabriel…” “Abou

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