Chapter 1101

Clarence Steele had a unique perspective, and his professional knowledge was very solid. Most importantly, he seemed to be a relatively honest and straightforward person. Hence, Xyla Quest was very willing to hire him. Once her antique company was established, she would need a trustworthy right-hand man. Even if she hadn’t coincidentally bumped into him today, she would also look for him when she established her antique company. Clarence instantly nodded. “Alright… I’ll definitely come over when the time comes. This painting is precious. You should either hang it up at home or just sell it. It’s not safe to carry it around in your hands,” Clarence said. “I’ll just sell it somewhere…” By doing so, Xyla would have enough money to establish her antique company. “Alright… I’ll bring you somewhere in front. There’s a large antique store… They will certainly buy it. In fact, they would offer a high price.” Clarence passionately guided Xyla forward. Due to his plump figure, the flesh o

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