Chapter 1099

Meanwhile, the couple with the hair in buns were also stunned. The two of them looked as if they had been frozen in place. They felt nothing but shock! “Pablo Picasso… His real work! I can’t believe I’d be able to see a real work of Pablo Picasso while I’m still alive!” The man with the hair in a bun murmured to himself. While he stared at the painting of a deity, he couldn’t help but take a few steps forward… “That’s right… I really can’t believe it…” Mr. Warren was now close to tears. “Ms. Quest, this painting can be sold for at least six to seven billion… In fact, at a higher range, even eight billion is possible… Pablo Picasso’s works cost a fortune… As long as you’re willing to sell it, people would spend any amount to buy it,” Clarence Steele looked at Xyla Quest and said. Mr. Warren felt that he was being suffocated yet again. In the next second, he raised his hand and slapped himself twice. “Sh*t! I’m a fool!” After saying that, he stomped his foot on the ground. “Mr. Wa

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