Chapter 1089

Originally, Xyla Quest wanted to go back to Quest Group. But seeing that it was late, she decided to head home. Hence, she called Stanley Batton on the phone as she drove. “I’m ready to head home… Have you gotten home yet? I want to eat the dumplings you make tonight,” Xyla asked straightforwardly. On the other end of the call, Stanley was still sitting in front of his laptop. As his hand accidentally touched the loudspeaker button, Xyla’s voice could now be heard in the entire office. Suddenly, the employees who were paying serious attention to what Stanley was saying while they stared at their laptops were all stunned… Stanley didn’t care either. Instead, he calmly switched off the loudspeaker function. After that, he slowly stood up and walked over to the huge French window. “Sure. What fillings do you want?” He looked down at the congested city calmly as he asked. Although Stanley had walked away, the employees from various departments could still hear him clearly. The expre

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