Chapter 1077

Xyla Quest was quite pleased with this price. She instantly smiled. “Alright, deal.” “She bought the crappy painting with 2.3 million. It turns out that there’s actually a genuine Van Gogh painting hidden behind it. She even managed to sell it at a high price of 150 million. Isn’t that crazy?” “Pretty lady, you have good eyes… I’ll apologize.” “I’ll apologize, too. I’m the dumb one… Not you.” The people around Xyla began to sigh after that… Everyone’s eyes were filled with admiration when they looked at her. Each of them regretted not participating in the bid. Xyla smiled. “It’s fine… Your reaction is entirely normal,” she said. “Can I make the purchase using a check?” Wagner Wolfe smiled and asked. “Sure,” Xyla answered decisively. After that, Wagner cheerfully retrieved an empty check from his wallet. He wrote down 150 million on the check and handed it to Xyla. Xyla had a satisfied smile upon her face. After that, she put the check into the Chanel bag she carried. Havin

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