Chapter 1073

However, what Xyla Quest found weird was the fact that this was a well-imitated oil painting, but why was it still framed so intricately? The frame of the painting was even coated in gold… “It’s too fake…” Xyla said. “I think it’s a little fake, too,” Sharon Lindt said softly. When a young woman next to Sharon heard this, she instantly laughed. “How could fake items appear in an auction of this magnitude? It must be real…” Xyla glanced at that woman. “But I don’t think it is…” However, the woman shook her head. “How is it not real… You overthink.” “Yeah, don’t you know? This is Van Gogh’s true work of art, alright? Where do you think this is? How could they sell imitated stuff here?” A young man next to the woman chipped in. A small group of people around the young man and woman also nodded in agreement. Based on the way they looked at Xyla, it seemed as if they were secretly laughing at her. Neither Sharon nor Xyla continued making small talk with them. Instead, they looked a

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