Chapter 1070

Suddenly, Xyla Quest felt her heart rising up to her throat… She felt as if countless electric currents were coursing through her veins, and her entire body was so numb that she could not stand straight. Subconsciously, Xyla pushed both hands against Stanley Batton’s muscular chest in resistance. Her gaze softened as she looked at his exquisitely stunning eyes. “What are you doing? Don’t you need to get back to the office?” “Yeah…” Stanley said. “So, why aren’t you leaving yet?” Xyla asked. “Let me give you a kiss before I go…” Stanley said. As soon as he finished his sentence, he passionately kissed Xyla on her lips. After a very long time, Stanley reluctantly let go of Xyla. He held her face and started whispering, “If it weren’t because of work, I really wouldn’t want to let you go…” His tone was affectionate, soothing, and provocative at the same time. Instantly, Xyla felt ripples stirring up in her chest. Xyla immediately blushed. “Hurry up. Get to the office,” she said.

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