Chapter 1065

“You’re welcome. Work hard, Jay. I think you’ll do great,” Xyla Quest said. “Alright,” Jay Corben said. After that, he got out of the car. Xyla, on the other hand, quickly turned the car around and led the entourage of cars back to her house… When she arrived home, Stanley Batton was already cooking in the kitchen. The living room was filled with the faint smell of the smoke from the food. The only thing in the world that soothed one’s heart was the smell of home-cooked food. Xyla’s heart suddenly felt warm. After putting down her purse, she went to wash her hands before walking into the kitchen… At this moment, Stanley was standing in front of the stove as he flipped the braised pork over in the pot. The meat seemed very enticing with its fine glow. Stanley was still wearing a white shirt, black pants, and a black silk apron over his attire. Clearly, he was only cooking, but he seemed like a male lead in a television drama series when he was doing it. “Wait for dinner in

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