Chapter 1026

After that, Sebastian Brenand called his assistant, Jean Hanson, on the phone. “Jean… Bring cancer specialists from every region in the world to Edgewater Hospital right now. Get them to force a specialist group to treat Rachel. She’s going to die from lymphoma soon…” Sebastian said. Sebastian knew that Rachel couldn’t be transferred to another hospital based on her current condition. Since that was the case, he’d bring all the specialists to her. Sebastian deeply touched George Orsen, and he sighed helplessly once again… “Mr. Brenand… Do you know how much money this will cost?” Jean asked. “Even if it costs me my entire fortune, I’ll have to cure Rachel. Don’t give me that crap. Do whatever I tell you to!” With that, Sebastian hung up the phone in a fury. Sebastian then pulled out a chair and sat next to Rachel. He held her hand tightly and kissed it repeatedly. “Rachel… I’ll save you for sure…” He said. “Rachel, you must be strong. Do it for your parents and me. As long as yo

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