Chapter 98

Charlie felt completely helpless at this time. Jacob had just broken the Yuhuchun vase in the morning, and yet, as soon as he had stepped out of the house, the old man had actually taken advantage of his absence to sneak out and explore Antique Street again. That was just so typical of him. He would never learn from his mistakes. Jacob laughed as he asked them in a mysterious manner, “I meant that these celadon cups are worth more than half a million dollars! Why don’t you guess how much I bought them for?” Claire hesitated for a moment before replying, “Three hundred thousand dollars?” “No! Guess again!” Jacob replied as he waved his hand. “Two hundred thousand dollars?” “That’s not right either!” Charlie glanced at the pair of celadon cups in his father-in-law’s hand and he instantly knew that the cups were fake and only worth a few hundred dollars. Just then, Jacob smiled as he exclaimed excitedly, “Haha! I bought it for only three hundred dollars! Isn’t that amazing?” Clai

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