Chapter 988

He realized that the interest rates for the loans from these online loan platforms were all very high. Some of the interest rates were simply insane. If he were to take out a loan of seventy thousand dollars from them, then he would have to pay back a hundred and thirty thousand dollars after just one week! The interest rate was nearly doubled! At this time, Joey could not help but asked Max with a worried expression on his face, “Brother Max, the interest rates on these loan platforms are simply too high. It’s almost equivalent to the amount of money that I can make from investing my money with you. If I were to borrow money from them to manage my financial affairs, then wouldn’t I be indirectly helping these online platforms to make money?” Max waved his hand indifferently as he smiled and said, “Don’t worry. These loan platforms that I’ve recommended to you are all operated by my friends. It might seem as though the interest rate is really high but they would be able to waive the

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