Chapter 964

If he really went back on his words, he would be a laughingstock forever! However, he didn’t want to give away his brand new car to the orphanage! For an instant, he even thought that he would simply drive away, skip the dinner, and never interact with his orphanage friends again in the future! Something struck his mind again and he had a change of plans. He shifted to the right lane swiftly and tailgated the car in front of him! Max had the perfect plan laid out in his mind, and that was to stage a car accident! That way, the race would be forfeited due to unexpected circumstances, so he would not lose! Thus, he eyed the cars on the road, searching for a scapegoat. At this moment, the guy in the front passenger seat yelped in horror, “Max! Max! You’re going to hit the car! You’re going to hit it!” Max smirked and thought, ‘Yeah, I want to hit it!’ However, as he got closer and closer, he realized that it was a black Porsche Cayenne. He stepped on the brakes immediately! A Por

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