Chapter 949

Charlie had lived in this orphanage for the past ten years, from the time when he was eight until he turned eighteen years old. Therefore, he had a lot of affection for this place. In the past, he did not have the face to come back because he was still a little destitute. Now that he already had a little money, he felt that it would be good for him to go in to see what other items the orphanage needed. That way, he would be able to help them to solve this problem when the time comes. Charlie nodded slightly before he said, “Then, let’s go in and take a look around the orphanage.” Stephanie was overjoyed. She hurriedly grabbed Charlie’s arm before she dragged him into the orphanage. Charlie could only allow her to drag him around as he held onto his wife, Claire’s hand. Claire could feel her heart beating a little faster, but she allowed Charlie to continue holding her hand as he led her into the orphanage. The Aurous Hill Welfare Institute was built in the last century and had a

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