Chapter 945

Elaine suddenly felt very sad when she heard this! She had only been gone for the past two days, but everyone in the family seemed to have a different attitude toward her now. Her husband was ignoring her and had even lost his temper with her. Her son-in-law was also no longer the same son-in-law who was always at the mercy of others. He even dared to get angry at her and asked her to move back to their own house. Even her good daughter that she could always rely on was no longer standing on her side. She would never have dreamt that her daughter would actually take Charlie’s side at this time. She had always been a drama queen. When she saw that she was about to lose power in this house, her eyes flushed red as she started to put on an act. She choked pitifully as she said, “I am now superfluous in this house. Your father does not care about me anymore. Your husband is threatening to kick me out of this house and you are not even standing on my side anymore…” As she spoke, Elai

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