Chapter 943

A friend named Harvey Carver said in the group chat: [Yes! Mrs. Lewis has finally recovered from such a critical illness. If all of the children that she personally raised and brought up did not come back to see her immediately, she might feel a little disappointed then.] Max replied: [Let’s do this then. Why don’t we find a five-star hotel to treat Mrs. Lewis to a nice welcome dinner then?] Stephanie replied: [Max, we do not need to be so extravagant. Mrs. Lewis has always lived such a thrifty life. She will definitely feel a little distressed if we brought her to eat at such an extravagant place. Why don’t we just eat at the small restaurant that has been serving home-cooked food for many years in front of the entrance of the orphanage?] Charlie could not help but sigh at this time. He was filled with emotions as he thought about the small home-cooked restaurant that had already been operating for more than ten years. During his eighteenth birthday, Mrs. Lewis used all of the mon

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