Chapter 935

At this time, a very worried Claire was also rushing to the Silverwing Hospital. She was feeling very anxious because she heard that her mother’s leg was broken. She did not even know what had happened to her mother during the past two days. After Elaine hung up the phone, she held her right leg in her hand as she broke out in cold sweat from the pain. At this time, Elaine screamed as she urged the driver with an annoyed expression on her face, “Can you drive your broken car a little faster? Why are you driving so slowly? Do you know that I am already hurt right now?” The cab driver replied indifferently, “There is a speed limit that I have to adhere to when driving in the city. I have to follow the speed limit regulations strictly. I will not only get my points deducted if I speed, but reckless driving will also pose a great threat to the pedestrians’ safety.” “Who would you be threatening?” Elaine was furious. When she heard the cab driver’s words, she started scolding him angri

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