Chapter 91

Charlie then had his men carry the five of them out, adding before they left, “I’ll spare your lives for now. However, if any of this is leaked to anyone else, I’ll kill all of you, understood?” The five of them nodded without hesitation. It was pure luck to be still able to walk out alive after this, how could they dare to defy Charlie even further? Knowing that the five of them no longer dared to defy him, Charlie nodded in satisfaction and turned to Lawson Lewis. “Trying to manipulate my brother comes at a great price. I want you and your daughter out of the restaurant and for it to be transferred under my brother’s name by tomorrow, understood?” Lawson nodded repeatedly. “Understood, I’ll be out of the restaurant by tomorrow for sure!” Charlie then turned to Dylan Hunt. “Your son hooked up with my brother’s fiance, even going as far as to beat him up this badly. You’d better prepare two million dollars as a compensation fee to him, and don’t you dare try and cut corners, unders

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