Chapter 908

William sneered contemptuously. “Hey, think about it. You’re a married man, so I’d advise you not to mess around and not to nurse any illicit passion for other women! If that shrew wife of yours knows about it, she will not spare you!” Jacob was incensed by his ridicule that he blurted, “Hey, William Pearson, what the heck are you talking about?! I don’t mess around, and I definitely don’t nurse any illicit passion for anyone! Don’t you dare make oblique accusations just because you have some dirty money in your pockets! Don’t come the old soldier with me, I’m not buying it!” Matilda felt extremely awkward with the ridiculous exchanges and she started to growl, “Could you guys shut up, please? What did I just say earlier? We’re here today for the reunion, not to watch you fight like rabid dogs! If you guys still behave like this, I’ll leave then!” Jacob whined innocently, “Matilda, you heard him, it’s this old fart who’s fanning the flames!” William was a renowned businessman in Ho

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