Chapter 89

Lawson had not expected that admitting to his faults would not do him any good either. He had just fainted out of shock, however, the pain from the impact woke him up in a mere second. “Ah!!!” Lawson had never experienced such torture in his entire life. Tears streamed down the wrinkles on his face as he cried out desperately, “Mr. Wade, it’s all my fault! I’ll never overlook her faults ever again, I won’t let her do such vile actions.” Disgusted, Charlie said, “Well, aren’t you good at blaming others for your faults?” Just this sentence was enough to send chills down Lawson Lewis’s spine. Charlie then demanded, “Lawson Lewis! Regarding the ten thousand dollars that my brother invested in your restaurant, why did you refuse to pay him back? Why did you claim that it was a gift?” Lawson’s face drained of color, and he tried to explain. “I was wrong, I was wrong for doing that! I was greedy, and I was shameless, I’m so sorry!” He then looked over to Douglas, who was enraged. Law

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