Chapter 888

After Charlie was done sorting out all the procedures for tomorrow with Isaac, Charlie took a cab home without rushing at all. At this time at the Aurous Hill Detention Center, Elaine was still living a nightmare. She had been beaten up and tortured in all sorts of manner ever since she was locked up in the detention center. Lady Wilson did not only pour a whole bucket of water over her head, but Elaine has not eaten anything at all in two days and nights. At this time, Elaine really felt that she was on the verge of collapse. She was down with a bad cold and a high fever. The high fever made Elaine feel as though she was burning all over and she felt that she was going to faint. However, she was still not allowed to lie on her bed. Instead, she could only curl up and shiver as she hid in the corner of the cell in the detention center. Elaine could not help but feel extremely cold because of her high fever. She trembled uncontrollably at this time. Elaine felt that she would not b

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