Chapter 873

At this time, Jacob had already brought Matilda and her son, Paul to walk through the courtyard. As soon as they met, Claire was really shocked by Matilda’s appearance. She had already heard Charlie saying that Matilda’s temperament and appearance was simply amazing but she really did not expect it to be so good. At the same time, Claire could not help but feel a little envious of Matilda. After all, it was really amazing for a woman to be able to maintain such a good level of her temperament and appearance when she had already reached the age of fifty or so. Matilda was also a little surprised when she saw Claire. She really did not expect Jacob and Elaine’s daughter to turn out to be so beautiful and outstanding. At this time, Paul, who was standing next to Matilda, was also a little stunned. He was really surprised at Claire’s beauty and temperament. Jacob hurriedly introduced them to one another. “Matilda, this is my daughter, Claire.” After that, he looked at Claire again b

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