Chapter 866

Lady Wilson shouted, “Wendy, come here, let’s get this shrew to the toilet and wash away the food on her head with cold water! She may take advantage of us not looking and eat it behind us! I don’t want that to happen!” Elaine cried in horror, “No! It’s almost winter now! You’re going to kill me if you wash my head with cold water!” Jennifer, who had been watching the scene, growled coldly, “Stop the d*mn bullsh*t! If I hear another word from you, I’ll shower you with cold water after the old lady washes your head with it!” Elaine wailed in extreme fright as Lady Wilson and Wendy dragged her into the toilet. Immediately afterward, Wendy pulled her head under the faucet and turned it without hesitation! The icy cold tap water splashed on Elaine’s head, making her brain freeze instantly followed by the excruciating pain from the cold that made her shiver all over. She looked at the grinning Lady Wilson, begging, “Mom, please, give me a towel, I beg you! I’ll freeze to death!” Lady

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