Chapter 855

Jacob’s concern was straightforward and simple, he was worried that Elaine would return home suddenly in the next two days. His precious chance to invite Matilda over to his house would be thrown out the window if she did return. He wouldn’t dare, even if anyone pointed a gun at him, to invite Matilda to his house when Elaine was at home. Elaine would kill him there and then! Hence, he should grab the chance when it comes his way as soon as possible. Matilda stumbled into the reminisce of her past too. Since she was from Sudbury, she had to live in a dormitory when she was studying in Aurous Hill. Moreover, back in those days, people were not open-minded enough to brag about them being in a relationship, they were rather shy and low-key, they didn’t even dare to let their family know. She always wanted to cook a meal for Jacob but they never found a suitable time and venue to do so. In fact, it was not as convenient as it was now. Nowadays, couples could simply rent a hotel apar

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