Chapter 849

Paul’s Oskian language was indeed very good. If anyone closed their eyes and listened to them speak, no one would be able to tell that he was actually an American. Charlie was also very surprised and he shook Paul’s head before he said in admiration, “Mr. Paul, your Oskian language is indeed really very impressive.” Paul smiled humbly before he said, “Mr. Wade, you are thinking too highly of me!” Jacob hurriedly said, “By the way, Matilda, I have already booked a room at Shangri-La hotel for lunch today. Why don’t we head over there to have a welcome meal for you and Paul now?” Matilda smiled before she said, “Thank you, Jacob. I really appreciate the fact that you came all the way here with Charlie to pick us up and treat us to lunch today…” “It is only right for me to do so!” Jacob smiled awkwardly before he said, “Well, we happened to drive here today so we can go together in one car!” “Okay.” Matilda nodded before she said to Paul, “Son, tell your driver that we will not be ta

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