Chapter 842

If Claire did not rely on this stubborn ‘stupidity’, she would have listened to everyone’s persuasion and gotten rid of him a long time ago. If that happened, what kind of destiny and fate would he be suffering now? Charlie did not even dare to think about it. His life was very difficult before he married Claire. This was because the orphanage did not accept any adults at all. Therefore, on his eighteenth birthday, Mrs. Lewis bought him a birthday cake with the little savings that she had. After that, they celebrated his birthday for him before she sent him out of the orphanage with tears in her eyes. At that moment, Charlie once again became a helpless and lonely person in this world. Mrs. Lewis wanted to help him and she wanted to introduce him to some work so that he could earn some living allowance for himself but Charlie did not have the face to accept Mrs. Lewis’s help. He found a construction site on his own and he started moving bricks, sand, and cement on his own at the

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